Transition Nelson No Dig Gardening Group


Bob Jones
03 545 2450


No dig gardens are a system of organic gardening which requires no digging to put in your initial garden or maintain it. They not only require less maintenance but also preserve the vital ‘structure’ of your soil.


The Group's aim is to encourage people to start or expand their own vegetable garden by:
1. giving informative presentations on the compelling reasons for growing your own food and the advantages of the no dig gardening technique
2. running no dig gardening workshops


Firstly this has been achieved through Bob Jones lectures and offering workshops on "no dig gardens". He presents a PowerPoint presentation titled "Food Security and Home Gardening". Bob emphasis is on how community programs and backyard gardens can overcome today’s challenges such as the distance food travels, toxins in food, soil contamination and the current recession.

The second aim has been met though two hour 'no dig gardening workshops'. These are run on Saturday afternoons in local communities and teach such as techniques as “no dig sheet composting”. This is an effective way to build healthy soil to grow plants and veggies. It involves building a long and low compost pile on top of existing soil or grass.

Future Plans

The group has also put together a great *12 minute video* of the key points covered in a no dig gardening workshop. This video will be available soon for purchase but has already had success on You Tube, in which a 2 min extract can be viewed (*http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CriHmRpeP0*).