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Fiona Newey
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The intention of the WOF (Warrant of Fitness) is to help businesses see where they stand on the sustainability ladder. The WOF was designed to address the problem that although there was a lot of help to businesses very few people were aware of what support was available.

The WOF consists of a single A4 sheet. One side has simple questions on the main topics of energy, water, waste, finance, while the other side lists local groups and organizations that can provide support on these topics.


The checklist is designed to prompt business owners to consider adopting more sustainability practices within their businesses. It will focus on low cost and cost saving ideas.

Realizing that the main driver for business is financial gain the group involved in creating the sustainability WOF was confident that they would save business money. They also believed that businesses would also become more efficient and less wasteful, and more resilient for when oil becomes scarce and increasingly expensive. Setting up networks to allow businesses to support each other now as well as during challenging times would also make them more robust.


The WOF is currently being updating as the first run of 500 has run out and there are now new services available. The sustainability WOF has also recently been reported on in the local newspaper The Nelson Mail. This has increased people’s awareness of the project but also prompted another business to sign up.

Future Plans

Sponsorship for a further run of the WOF has been secured from the Business Development Company and the Nelson Environment Centre. The intent is to finish delivering it within the Nelson CBD, and to also target Richmond and possibly Stoke and Tahunanui.

The WOF has also been sent to various local organizations to promote internally; to other Transition Town groups, particularly Mapua and Motueka; to contacts in Golden Bay; and to the Ministry for Economic Development.

A copy of the business WOF can be downloaded from the Transition Nelson website at