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Hein Kolff
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BYOC (Bring Your Own Container) is a campaign to promote re-using, rather than buying and throwing away. The idea is that Nelsonian’s should be encouraged to use their own containers, whether it be their own thermal mug for take-away coffees, their own shopping bags, their own plates and cutlery at events, or even their own containers for take-away food or fresh produce in shops.


Have Zero waste to land fill. To develop a culture of low/zero waste through a range of initiatives such as our initial project BYOC (Bring Your Own Container). New Zealand has a worldwide reputation for being “clean and green”, but one of the biggest issues facing our country is what to do with all our waste?


It is not about recycling but about reusing and reducing waste. The BYOC project was also introduced at the Opera in the Park event in Nelson in 2009 and featured in the Sunday Star Times.

Future Plans