The Great Waiheke Plum Drive


James Samuel
09 372 8737


The Waiheke Harvest initiative seeks to actively build resilience into our local food system, through making better use of the fruit tree resources we have on the island.


The vision is of cycling harvests through the seasons, gathering, processing and distributing fruit that would otherwise fall to the ground and left to rot.

The goal is to make valuable contributions to the food needs of the island’s population.

We wanted to create a social enterprise that would reward the people who contribute time, goods or services. So at the end of the day people went away with jars of jam. Even the copy centre accepted jam in payment for printing the promotional flyers.


In the first event we made 163 jars of Plum jam, had 60 people come and participate, bringing jars, plums and equipment to make this community event possible.

Future Plans

We had the wrap up meeting on Jan 15th and the goal is to document the lessons learnt, and deliver you a "recipe" for replicating this kind of event wherever you live.

Ooooby ( is sponsoring this and will make it available, for you. It will give all the details for how to organise and promote an event, and how to run it on the day you set. We will share all the numbers with you, so you can have a good guide for what to expect.