E-Let : Electric Strarlet Conversion


Thomas Everth
07 866 7462


Conversion of a Toyota Starlet into an electric car with a range of 40Km and a top speed of 75Km/hr


To create an economic means of transport for daily short distance commuting and to replace thereby about 80% of my annual fossil fuel transport needs and with modest cost.


The vehicle is performing to specs. It has replaced most of my transport needs in Coromandel Town. The range is adequate for my use. The batteries perform well after > 5000Km and a year and a half. The conversion cost were about $9000 not counting my personal labor. At a bank interest rate of say %5 and after tax that 'cost' me $315 annually in lost bank income, which is far exceeded by the savings in fuel cost! So its economical indeed!

Future Plans

Keep this going well and assist others with their projects.