Bamboo and Manuka, Paper Adobe Housing


Grant Steven
027 2070271


We are experimenting with an ancient building technique which has previously been underrated and ignored in NZ. It is called "Wattle and Daub". We are utilising common cheap natural materials such as bamboo, manuka, waste paper, clay and sand. This method is so simple it can be done by anyone.


To build a house with cheap local natural materials, in a way that can be done by anyone. We wanted to minimise the use of cement and things that cost money. Also the tools we need are very few and cheap and the level of building skills required is very basic.
We are working with unemployed Maori youths and it is hoped they will be able to build their own houses on Maori land


Our first walls are looking very good. The curving walls are very aesthetic and very strong. The method is easy to do and much faster than other earth building techniques. the quantity of materials required is minimal for the amount of wall you can build and the wall plaster has a low cement content of 5-8%. This means the walls are very cheap to build.
The local community is very impressed and we have a constant stream of visitors. The building project is part of a site where we constructing a Live Fire Adobe Cooking Theatre for the community.
A couple of people have said "This is the most positive thing happening in Moerewa"

Future Plans

Construction of houses on Maori land.
Setting up business enterprises around the sustainable harvesting of manuka and kanuka.
Making Paper Adobe Mixers
Establishing School of Adobe