Homelands communty garden


Yannick Wakelam
09 407 9699 or 09 4077417


This is a communty garden of about 1/3 acre providing veges as organically as possible for 12 families. There are 12 gardeners creating two teams of 6 gardeners working one morning a week each. There is an abundance of veges and about 8 boxes are sold each week generating income to pay for expenses such as rates.

The garden was begun on an old market garden site which was no longer commercially viable! Community members stepped in and adapted the economic paradigm to gardening for your veges which is now very successful. The community garden has been running 7 years


To feed our families as organically as possible.


There is a queue of people wanting to join this garden!
Members eat what the garden provides. If there is a crop failure we don't eat what we don't grow. e.g. last year the pumpkins did not get pollinated so we didn't eat pumpkins.

The garden is overseen by a "chief gardener" - an experienced elderly man who passes his knowledge and skills to community members keeping the art and skill alive.

Future Plans

There is a desire to keep the garden going. To learn what is needed to learn and also consider how the community could continue when the land owner is no longer involved for what ever reason.
The seed of this garden is being sown far and wide as poeple take up gardening at home and as other community garden ideas are suggested.